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What can massage do for me?

What is Tantric Massage?

What can Tantric Massage do for me?

What is the connection between Kundalini and tantric work?

What happens during the SENSUAL EROTIC TANTRIC MASSAGE session?

What is a TANTRIC ORGASM and will I experience one?

Can MALE TANTRIC MASSAGE help with sexual performance anxieties?

Can everybody have a MALE TANTRIC MASSAGE?

What kind of clients am I looking for?


Do I have to believe in the spiritual side of Tantra?

How does the booking and cancellation process work?


What can massage do for me?

Generally acknowledged benefits from Massage are: De-stressing; improving blood circulation and lymph flow ( and with this help in promoting healthy sleep, alleviating anxiety and depression); increase(d) joint mobility; soothing muscle aches and sprains; improving skin tone and complexion. I use high quality natural heated oils which should smooth and nourish your skin. (I mainly use a mix of Apricot Kernel, Grapeseed and Sesame oil. ) (back to top)

What is Tantric Massage?

To be honest - I am not 100%sure. There is no professional body that regulates Tantric therapists, so each Tantric Masseur is free to come up with their own version and understanding of what Tantric Massage is and what it should entail. I think it is fair to say though, that most will see Tantric Massage work as whole- body work and including the genitals! This makes Tantric Massage work generally intimate, sensual and erotic. How much emphasis is put on the erotic elements is up to each therapist. I personally think the erotic elements should be enjoyed, but feel that a Tantric Massage should still be balanced. I.e. we are complex beings, we are not just physical (or just a cock). Furthermore Tantra obviously stems from tantric forms of Hinduism and Buddhism and hence Tantric Bodywork should, in my opinion, incorporate a spiritual side. I usually say that a Tantric Massage, which does not include any energy work - is a Sensual Massage 'only'. That does not mean that there are not great sensual masseurs out there, but because a proper tantric massage incorporates work on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - it could be said to be deeper and more profound than 'Sensual Massage'  only. (- usually clients, who have had both, will comment too that Tantric Massage is more relaxing.) Clients do not have to believe in the spiritual side of Tantric Massage though, to have a satisfying experience.  

I do try to create a massage experience that incorporates healing, cleansing, balancing and recharging for all parts of my client's being. I feel that if I help my clients to relax and re-charge their whole body and being, sexual energies will flow more abundant and free as well.  (back to top)

What can Tantric Massage do for me?

Besides the before mentioned general massage benefits - as to the specific benefits of Tantric Massage - I see many grateful and happy smiles from my clients after their sessions. Especially male clients may appreciate, that with Tantric Massage they do not have to 'worry' about getting an erection. On the contrary, they can let go of such fears and actually enjoy becoming aroused, especially when certain parts of their body are massaged, like the inner thighs. I have had several clients mention that Male Tantric Massage helped them to feel more comfortable being naked in the presence of someone else (especially if I am naked too). They seemed to be able to enjoy their naked body being massaged, without having potential body image issues distract them. There is also plenty of mention on the net, that Tantric Massage might heal erectile dysfunction or other male sexual disorders. Premature ejaculation e.g.. might be helped, because as opposed to many a sexual encounter, during Tantric Massage there is plenty of foreplay, where clients might become erect, but the Tantric Masseur will not actually touch or massage the cock/ lingham yet. This in turn might help sufferers from premature ejaculation to experience that they can be erect for longer periods, without ejaculating - grow their confidence, etc. I agree that Tantric Massage, especially in combination with Energy Work can be very powerful, but in my experience and observation many a sexual problem can be deep rooted and take time and effort to heal (not just one massage session). Tantric Massage can be a part of that process (a potentially very pleasurable one). Tantric Massage should be seen as a Complementary Therapy though and not to replace Medical Treatment! I have written a more extensive blog on the Benefits of Tantric Massage. (back to top)

What is the connection between Kundalini and tantric work?

From a spiritual perspective there is a lot of talk about strengthening and raising ones Kundalini through tantric work. Kundalini energies are supposed to be one of the or even the most powerful divine energies in our being. With many people their Kundalini rests at the base of their spine and rises as they progress in their spiritual development. A premature raising of the Kundalini energies can supposedly create (very) uncomfortable healing crisis or  healing resistances though, perhaps when e.g. too many 'issues' are being pushed to the surface at once? I am therefore very careful not to push up a client's Kundalini energies, beyond their natural, effortless flow/ rising. That said I feel  that one of the rising triggers for ones Kundalini is happiness and joy, and as tantric work can definitely help create more of such energies - a natural consequence can be a stronger Kundalini flow.
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What happens during a sensual, erotic MALE TANTRIC MASSAGE session?

If you arrive for the first time, I will generally have a quick chat first to check for potential medical contraindications, allergies (re. the oil I use) etc. I'll just enquire if you are happy to have music playing and obviously most importantly that you are aware of what kind of massage you will receive. If you prefer me to wear shorts or work in the nude? I'll also check if you prefer the massage with or without the Internal Prostate Massage. Unless you have any questions or need a quick shower this is pretty much it. Now you just have to lie down and relax, I'll take over from here.

I will work through all parts of your body and from time to time go into (more) intimate regions. Most clients will be entering into a usually very pleasant ride of relaxation - potential arousal - relaxation - potential arousal etc. The first half of the massage works mainly on shoulders and back, so you'll have some time to really just switch off and let go -before it becomes more exciting. I'll work through the shoulders and back (including back chakras), then the bum and legs. After which there is a bit of a lingham massage and some prostate massage (if desired). You'll turn around then and I'll massage legs, chest, stomach, help you clear, heal and balance your front chakras and end with a more extensive lingham and prostate massage (if desired). For the 60min there will be just one lingham and prostate massage and I might not have time for e.g. front of legs, stomach etc. The 60min version also does not include any chakra work. The 90min version usually only includes back-chakra work (i.e. no front-chakras) and has a few less strokes. I'll try to include some lingham and prostate massage whilst you are still on your front, but only if there is enough time...

I am not a sexual councilor and trust that you know why you are coming for/ fancy a Male Tantric Massage. My service is very confidential and unless you feel like sharing, I am not usually going to probe whether you are married, what sexual orientation you are etc.

Also when I say: ' to experience spiritual unity through sexual stimulation' - this means a unity with yourself and Spirit/ The Universe. I am part of this obviously, but not fully enlightened myself and only human too. Just as I am confident that you understand that being naked and touchable during the massage does not necessarily mean that I will become erect, have sex with you or will cum myself - I am sure you can see that I am not doing this work to find me a boyfriend.

I see it as a compliment if you do want to touch me - it is a 2 hours massage though, there is plenty of time and I usually am in easy reach during the 'high points'. I hope you can take the time to let go and relax while I work on your shoulders and back (visualize yourself on e.g. a beach, if you don't relax easy) and don't keep all of your attention on trying to catch/ touch me every time I am in vicinity/ reach of your hand. This will help keep the massage flowing + I don't have to worry about running over an arm/ hand sticking out over the couch when potentially working with my eyes closed and working along the body. If an arm/ hand does get in the way I tend to simply just place it back at the clients side. (back to top)

What is a TANTRIC ORGASM and will I experience one?

There is talk about TOs being non-ejaculative/ dry, whole-body orgasms, and potentially multiple (  

Supposedly with dry orgasms one does not ejaculate, but rather 'saves' the sexual energy from just 'dissipating' through ejaculation. Sperm is said to literally be transformed into Qui. Supposedly the energy then wanders up the spine, and unites with the divine/ cosmos above the Crown Chakra. This supposedly can trigger utter bliss and feeling united with creation.

Whole-body orgasms make a bit more sense to me. With tantric work, or tantric massage, the intention is to spread out sexual energy throughout the body. As such the whole body is (more) filled with sexual energy when it come to climax, and orgasms are said to be more intense, and felt in the  ‘whole-body’, rather than mainly be concentrated on the genitals.

Supposedly with all that sexual energy throughout the body, and not depleting ones energies by ejaculating, advanced tantrics can then cum more than ones – have multiple orgasms.

Personally I am somewhat skeptical about what one gets promised about TOs. I can only refer to my own experience here. I tried dry orgasms for a few months, many years ago - I did manage to stifle any ejaculate and was busy channeling all the orgasmic energy up my spine, but to be honest, the only thing I experienced, was something like  badly frustrated orgasms. No unity, no bliss! Worst of all I started to feel guilty for just thinking of ejaculating. I felt as if I would be sinning, because I would be wasting energy by depleting my male energies.

Luckily (in my interpretation) I got over this, and instead started to cherish my ejaculative orgasms more, started exploring them more. To me Life is about happiness and enjoying its gifts - including the bodies we have, and the pleasures they can provide. As with possibly many of you - I had my first orgasms in my teens, clandestinely under a blanket, with siblings sleeping in the next bed. In my mind once I had ejaculated that was it, and I'd see that my physiology, e.g. breathing, would go back to normal as soon as possible. I must admit that for quite some time I carried on like this, and mostly met guys that seem to operate the same way too. Once one ejaculates, one looks for a towel and that is it.

Sensing that there was something else and bigger out there to be had from orgasms, I started to develop the confidence to just keep going a bit longer and longer. I found myself breathing deeply for longer periods and now also experience more and more extensive whole body quivers, quite some time after I have ejaculated. Mind you I do still at times get some strange looks and have guys getting concerned, asking if I am alright, because of it. I just know it feels good and right (to me). This might be tantric whole body orgasms, but I cannot say for sure. I have not personally met anyone yet, who told me they achieve multiple orgasms, or even fulfilling dry ones, for that matter; even though my clientele could be said to be more interested in tantric techniques than the average Joe. Some have been to special courses. etc. I managed to cum three times within 10minutes, without loss of erection, with one (ex)boyfriend ones, but I put that down to mainly very intense initial physical attraction, and it could not be replicated once day-to-day life kicked in. I'd say the important thing is to enjoy ones orgasms as they are, and be open for them to become even more fabulous. Maybe one day I will have multiple orgasms regularly, but till then I am very happy with the ones I have already....

As mentioned before I cannot promise that you will climax, but I can promise that during the massage (and during or after potential ejaculation) you are welcome to breath as heavy and long as you like without me thinking you mad - I'd love to allow you to become as loud as you'd like as well, but I do have neighbors and a flatmate.

Many clients who do cum, seem to experience particularly strong orgasms - if that is because of my 'Touch' and the spirit of Tantra - or simply because they will just have had up to 2 hour foreplay (at least I could never get any of my Exs to give me that ) and, if included in the massage, an extra physiological stimulus through prostate massage - I don't know? I suspect it is a mix of all of the above...

If you have started your own tantric journey already, have some decent experience and practice with holding and channeling your sexual energy, and would like me to concentrate on helping you to achieve multiple orgasms, I'll be happy to do try my best to support you. It will in certain respects be a new thing for me, but considering myself relatively sensitive and intuitive - it could work! ;-) (back to top)

Can MALE TANTRIC MASAGE help with sexual performance anxieties?

I am not a qualified sexual therapist and cannot give medical advise, but I have written a blog post about my experiences with sexual performance anxieties and what I have observed with myself and clients, which you can read here

Can everybody have MALE TANTRIC MASSAGE

I am only trained in giving Tantric massage to men. I am happy to receive all men and transgender, be it straight, bi-sexual or gay. Both 'first-timers' or experienced massagees are welcome. You should not receive massage if any of the contra-indicating medical conditions (see list on page -tantric-massage.html ) apply.

I do not mind how old you are ( as long as older than 18 years obviously) - or which bodily shape you are (my massage table is only insured up to a body weight of 380 lbs, so that's the the only cut off!)(back to top)

What kind of clients am I looking for?

Generally if you fit all the criteria in the last question, I'll be happy to see you.  (back to top)


 As generally no 'real' sex is involved in the massage, I usually use a medical glove for the prostate massage and the Lingam massage is purely manual - my massage could be seen as a safe form of sexual stimulation. - As mentioned, I am happy to keep my shorts on too if you are especially worried about 'catching' something. Even if you ask me in the end (with the final lingham massage) to take the shorts off and then touch myself, but do not touch yourself again with that hand - there should be no risk of transferring anything untoward.

I am not an expert in sexual transmitted diseases! I am fairly well informed though and happy to discuss (non-binding!) if you have any concerns.

I trust that as responsible adults my clients are generally well informed as well - and will acknowledge that I obviously cannot give them a 100% guarantee that I am always 'all clear' - even though I do get checked regularly. If you are unsure what constitutes safer sex, please talk to an expert, e.g. your GP, or qualified staff in a GUM clinic. (back to top)

Do I have to believe in the spiritual side of Tantra?

No, whether you see yourself as a divine spiritual being or a purely physical being I leave to you. I believe that it is probably easier to expand your orgasmic experiences if you believe yourself the first option, but would not want to limit you by saying that your orgasms cannot be more and more mind-boggling too if you believe yourself a physical being. As mentioned before I usually include full Reiki-/ Healing- work with the massage (I do believe that this,amongst other effects, makes the massage even more relaxing and the de-stressing effects more profound and longer lasting - see I won't be offended though if you are not interested in this. I am here to deliver a very good massage and not to convert you to any believe systems (I am quite a free thinker myself).

If you have any spiritual believe or practice any religion yourself, I do recommend it as prudent to ask for higher protection before any kind of spiritual work performed or being performed on oneself. I am a member of the NFSH Healing Trust and as such will,before each session, ask for spiritual protection for both myself and the client, re the energies I am channeling etc. Since this is a promise that is hard to proof though, nearly impossible for you to monitor and I have met self-proclaimed healers who did not really have their clients best interest at heart personally, I definitely will not be offended if you do ask for protection yourself too.

Energetic Healing Work is generally considered very safe and side effect free. Sometimes though ( in my experience very rarely), similar to e.g. in Homeopathy, healing-crisis are reported. As an example - during the Healing (and sometimes for sometime after) an old pain or tucked away emotion could come up again and be felt as it passes through on it's way out. In a way one could see it as some energies kicking and screaming as they are being removed or from when their removal has been initialized. One might feel somewhat worse before feeling better. Again I have not seen this very often with my clients yet though!

Massage can have de-toxing effects - so I always advise to drink plenty of water or herbal tea after to help your body 'flush' out any potential toxins which might have been mobilized.

Where the gross of my clients welcomes the healing element of my service or at least does not object/ gives it a try, very occasionally some clients do not want any Energy Work performed. I do not insist and am happy to 'tone it down'  (please inform me of such preference, if I forget to ask). Such clients should be aware though, that I never cut off my connection to Healing Energies ( I just ask them to respect your wishes). Also a good amount of the massage strokes are inspired by healing concepts. I therefore I cannot guarantee that there will be absolutely no Energy Work happening. If you are looking for an healing-energy free Erotic Massage you would be safer trying to find an atheist Sensual Massage therapist. (back to top)

How does the booking and cancellation process work?

If you'd like to book a session please e-mail me on: , call me on : 0049 (0)1752 111 044  

I generally work afternoons and evenings (incldg. weekends) -some weeks I can get fairly busy and booked up ahead, so if you prefer to play it safe it's best to call and book about 1 week before your desired massage time. You are welcome to call shorter notice though, it might be a quieter week or I might have had a cancellation.

I do not accept cheques, sorry. Most clients pay cash. If you would like to use a card, payment via online payment can be arranged (details on request). Please be aware though that, espcl. with new online payment accounts, Online payment payment authorization can take up to 24 hrs! - i.e. please arrange the transfer at least 24 hrs ahead.>

I do try to avoid calling my clients - especially if I have not met them yet - as I do not want to jeopardize my client's privacy and call them in 'unsuitable' moments. So if you cannot keep an appointment please do let me know as soon as possible, thus I can book somebody else who might be interested. Once you have booked, even if weeks in advance, you will be in my appointment book and there is no particular need to re-confirm. Should I fall ill, I'll obviously do my best to reach you to cancel (by SMS)

For OUTCALLS: (- unless you fly me abroad -) I only work on a massage table ( i.e. no (Hotel-) beds or floors. Unless you have a massage table in your home, on top of the outcall fee, I will have to charge you for return cab fare to bring my own table. It also means that if you stay in a Hotel, your room will have to be spacious enough to set up a massage couch. (back to top)


I am very grateful for having seen so many decent and respectful clients, but I do take certain prudent safety measurements like keeping an electronic copy of my diary off site! I will also insist on some kind of clear identification modus, like a mobile phone number, when you are booking. Confidentiality and Data-Protection are not being jeopardized.