Male Tantric Massage


LOMI LOMI Massage originates from the Hawaiian Islands. With it's beautiful long, flowing and rhythmic strokes using hands and forearms it endeavors to lull the massaged into a state of deep relaxation - one could call it a massaged lullaby, a hula dance through the masseur's hands on your body. Accompanied by original Hawaiian chants/ music it is truly exotic and beautiful. I have heard reports that traditionally the LOMI LOMI recipients were undressed, which feels right, as I feel that LOMI LOMI Massage is very loving, holistic and free of any prejudice. As a Tantric Massage Therapist I am very used to working naked and am happy to now offer LOMI LOMI Massage with me working in the nude as well. Perhaps this approach is not 100% traditional, but I feel that both Tantric Massage and LOMI LOMI are divinely inspired, so maybe it is time to fuse the two - to create NAKED LOMI LOMI Massage? I offer NAKED LOMI LOMI Massage, like the other massages on this site, for gay, bi, and straight men.

Where LOMI-LOMI (literally: 'rub-rub') is the remedial part of the massage, developed by the Hawaiians Polynesians over centuries, shaped and influenced by the beauty and abundance of the islands, this massage also includes KAHUNA BODYWORK which sometimes is also referred to as Hawaiian Temple Style massage. Until recently, KAHUNA BODYWORK was only passed down through oral tradition from one generation in a family to the next. Traditionally, KAHUNA BODYWORK was carried out on three consecutive days and often received on special ceremonial days by Hawaiian royalty. Today it has spread across the globe and is readily available to all - without loosing any of it's specialness.

NAKED LOMI LOMI Massage wants to help you to experience - introduce - discover the spirit of ALOHA (translated meaning : affection, love, peace and compassion or divine breath) in your life - even if just for the duration of the massage.

For this the masseuse/ masseur creates a sacred space. He/ she will opens up to and invite the ALOHA spirit - with the intention to infuse the NAKED LOMI LOMI Massage session with love, care, compassion, healing and beauty. To create something that is soothing, unconditional and yet stimulating.

Even though this probably all sounds pretty flowery to some, like straight out of a women's glossy or weekly - one should not forget that this very sensitive and intuitive massage was in it's origins very much so seen as fit for Kings and chiefs. For the rational and scientific minds who might be reading this - you don't have to worry - I won't try to get you to pray or sacrifice at an altar of flowers and do just genuinely hope that if you try NAKED LOMI LOMI Massage you will still enjoy it for it's uniqueness (no session is like an other), skill and beauty.

NAKED LOMI LOMI Massage uses oil.

Due to the inclusion of KAHUNA BODYWORK (which I see as very similar to Spiritual Healing) NAKED LOMI LOMI Massage's aim is to hold and provide healing support for the massagee on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - plus dare I say to be re-juvenating and beautifying. That is besides all the regular widely acknowledged usual benefits of massage.

I am happy to finish the NAKED LOMI LOMI Massage with a tantric style Lingham Massage - please let me know if you do not want this.

I can obviously not promise that my clients will get up from the massage table enlightened, but most do appreciate the beauty of this therapy and I hope that you too can experience a mini-Hawaiian holiday through it.

I don't mind being touched (that includes my cock and arse) - I am confident that you understand though that this does not necessarily mean, that I will become erect, have sex with you or will cum myself! Obviously I am also happy to wear shorts.


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