Male Tantric Massage




Professional or Personal Male Tantric Massage Training:

I offer Male Tantric Massage Training for men who massage men in Cologne, Germany (or world-wide, if you pay for my travel). That is whether you consider yourself gay, bi-sexual or even straight. Whether you train for just your personal use or whether you are looking to become a working tantric massage therapist is obviously your choice. The following is written as if for professional working tantric masseurs to be, so if you are looking to learn for your own benefit, just ignore the work and client related bits. Maybe substitute them for 'lover'.

Sorry to do this to some of my competitors – but let’s pop the biggest bubble straight off  - there is no such thing as a professional tantric masseur qualification (that I am aware of) and which is valid in the UK. Well, you can call the piece of paper you issue at the end of a course that, but to my knowledge there is no proper accredited professional tantric massage body that could issue any such. Most training will be through more or less experienced masseurs/ therapists, who share their experience (and or ego…). I have thus far not been able to get any professional indemnity insurance for tantric massage in the UK. When inquiring, I have always just gotten a polite – ‘Oh, we do not insure that kind of work’.  If you want to have any insurance at all, you’ll need to get a regular, non-erotic massage qualification such as ITEC. That makes it all freer, but also more of an adventure. Ultimately how much training you get under your belt is your own individual choice!

As for Germany, there does seem to be a Professional Tantra Body, but as far as I can see it is for the hetero, male-female set up. Tantric Massage is all legal though, so getting professoinal indemnity insurance is possible, though I am not sure,if a tantric massage qualification alone will suffice, or if one requires another wellness massage certificate?

You might have to experiment a bit till you find a teacher you can gel with. Personally I like a practical style of being taught (and now teaching). And I do not like stuff that is too fluffy, romantic and flowery. On my course I learned to open up a session with light caresses and feathers – I found them annoying though, so I do not use them…

 It is great to discover that there is divine Light in everybody and everything, there is beauty in everyone they say, and I concur, but it is not always easy to see or feel that Light, see that beauty with all people/ clients straight off. Some might have buried it, some might hide it, some might reject it, some might need time to build up trust before being willing to share it. With such clients you need the tools, knowledge and self-confidence to see through their barriers, not force them down, trust in your work and be patient.

Or you might be taught in a course the power of embraces and how hugs are beautiful – sure they are, but I find it much more important to know when they are appropriate.  One has to respect another beings boundaries and socializations, it is not for us to judge if their boundaries are healthy and or excessive. I for one very much respect that some clients might take their time to decide how much and how quickly they want to open up. Trust has to built up and sometimes it has to be earned – one cannot force this either! Maybe even more important is to learn your own limits – how far do you want to go with your work, what do you want to offer and how much are you willing to give of yourself.

I believe that to be a great (tantric) masseur, you have to love people, you have to want to help them and bring them joy. That is easy said, but not always easy done. Luckily, I find, it is not rocket science though. There is a few easy things to learn about spiritual things and energies, and a few simple tools to assist you in your work. I have found them to be very helpful  and they should help  you to more and more feel your clients, make your work more and more intuitive and with it fulfilling and satisfying – both for your clients and yourself.

Obviously claims of courses saying they’ll teach you how to find cosmic bliss and multiple orgasms (for yourself and your clients) are enticing, and in group settings energies can actually sometimes become somewhat more amplified and you might have some decent results – in the ‘real’ world, on your own, with a partner or with clients, it will probably rarely happen though. Most clients need to mainly relax and find a space where they can switch off (a bit at least), add some loving massage and they’ll have a great time, reach a nurturing and satisfying orgasm. Cosmic bliss though is a very strong word! In years of meditation and other spiritual work I have found happiness and contentment , answers to questions, but mostly it is just calming, de-stressing and re-energizing (which is a miracle in itself – and I am very grateful). Spiritual work can be hard work, and in many course descriptions that bit is left out (maybe in the course itself too?). It makes for bad marketing to sell ‘hard work’. Good energy work is hard work, as it gives you more energy, but also more truth and it will confront you with your demons, so you can release them/ overcome them. It is hard work well worth it, as it will leave you stronger and lighter for it, but it can be hard work none-the-less. That is true for tantric work too, combing it with the erotic and good energy work makes it more pleasurable and more effortless, but as a therapist you are also responsible for creating a space that enables your clients to potentially grow, feel accepted, respected and safe.  As a good therapist you have a certain responsibility as well to get to know yourself, grow yourself, get your energy bodies clear and to keep your energy bodies clear.

I’ll be happy to share my experiences with you, if you book a training with me. You’ll receive a script, detailing a whole body tantric massage and some spiritual energy management tools , for your perusal and to take away too.

I offer basic training packages that make it very accessible to learn tantric massage. They can be individually extended, either to learn more about the energy side of things (e.g. chakra work and Kundalini work), do more body work, massage strokes etc. or learn more about setting up your business and marketing tips. I appreciate that if you are a total massage novice you might look for more time with a tutor to become more confident – for that you can either book more time or perhaps go away, practice on a friend and then book another session to do another supervised massage with my input, feedback and assistance.  All this should provide you with a good starting point to provide tantric or sensual massage. I can teach you plenty about bodywork, but unless you have some massage training already, I would still recommend to do some professional massage qualification on top. It is well worthwhile to learn about human anatomy, especially the muscles. Knowing where muscles are and how they function will makes your massage even better and even more effective. And or it will teach you more massage techniques and make your work more confident. Many of my clients appreciate that I offer longer sessions and it is good to have a good repertoire of strokes, stretches etc to fill that time. Plus having a professional massage qualification will enable you to get insurance and hence treat regular, non-erotic clients too – you might not want to do tantric work for ever….

I offer Professional Male Tantric Massage training 1-on-1 or in group settings. If you are looking for a group setting you’ll currently still have to organize that group yourself though. If we’ll need to find a venue to work in that cost would come on top of my tutor fee. I have a list of potentially willing massage training bodies to work on during your training, or you can bring a friend or partner yourself.

RATES (Incall)

Couples Male Tantric Massage Training: 

Pretty much most of what is described above is relevant to partner massage as well, just exchange the word ‘client’ above for ‘partner’.  Ideally you know each other better already than in a standard masseur – client meeting. Whereas in a masseur client relationship energy exchange happens via the therapist doing the body work and most of the energy work, and the client then parting with their hard earned cash, in a partnership you’ll ideally massage each other, exchange energies in equal currency sort of say.  Tantric work can be a great tool to discover yourself and your partner even further, to strengthen and support each other on this journey of discovery, as well as strengthen the connection between yourselves. A journey that should make you more life-capable, stronger, more loving and happier. It might not always be an easy journey, but combining it with the erotic can make it (somewhat) easier and hopefully more fun. Potentially improving your sexual stamina, endurance, making it more creative and intensifying your orgasms is more of a wonderful side effect of this journey, rather than it’s aim (well, that is my opinion).

Besides all this massage is obviously a great thing in itself. It does not just feel great, but usually is a very effective tool to alleviate stress too. It is a great tool for effective fore- or after-play. I feel and believe that good sex is about energy flow. Energy flow can be impeded by stress and tense muscles, so massaging each other and helping each other to relax more effectively should therefore improve your sex life or be a tool to keep it strong and vibrant for as long as possible.

If you are looking for a group setting to learn couples massage, you’ll currently still have to organize that group yourself. If we’ll need to find a venue to work in, that cost would come on top of my tutor fee.

RATES (Incall)

Please contact me if you would be interested in being a TRAINING BODY. I.e. at times I get students who want to learn about Tantric Massage and need bodies to teach on. A Training Body would usually be required for about 3-6 hrs during which you'd receive 2+hrs of  tantric massages. (Your time in exchange for free massage!)