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I am more than happy to exchange links with other national and international Tantra and tantric massage providers. I believe that if one wants to call it Tantra or tantric one should include a spiritual element in ones work, else ones work will be better classified as erotic or sensual only. If you would like to exchange links send me an e-mail, giving me your website link and a link to where you have added a link to mine. - Love and Light - Tom!

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Buzzy Tantra

Buzzy's site looks as if he honestly includes the spiritual aspect of Tantra in his work, but remains grounded and works form the heart.













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Canada:  Feel grounded and balanced in an erotic spiritual way of touch. Toronto, Ontario



South Africa: Tantra Sacred Massage TM  is more than a massage, it is a teaching devoted to personal healing and growth. Hari and Leon offer male to male sessions leading to a deeper sense of sensuality and a more heart-cantered sexuality in Cape Town, South Africa.


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